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Contribution to positive changes have been our commitment in our company dedication main values. Our contribution is started within the smallest step, which is to socialize the Eco friendly in our working environment, then, doing a proactive step by planting trees to help to reduce the risk of global climate. We believe, no matter how small our action is, it will bring good changes.

Encourage Positive Changes, Restrain Carbon Emission

CSR has always been a major priority in the company. We always try to give contribution to the people. Starting from a workshop on natural gas vehicle conversion in vocational school. All of these actions that we have done is due to our main goal, which is to give better facility to the people. To expand these positive impacts, we have been contributing directly to the local people who live around the plant, covering the whole PT. CNG Group ‘s plant in Cikarang, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Palembang.

With a good passion to give equal chance in education and job, we have given scholarships, free courses, and job vacancies for those people. We also took part of celebrating independence day and religious day together with the local people, because we are a part of the people.

PT. Citra Nusantara Gemilang - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Indonesia Dedikasi Dedication
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