There are so many reasons why natural gas is worth considering as the alternative fuel integrity. Due to its superiorities, there are more and more business institutions switching their production fuel to CNG for their production process.

Benefit of Using CNG

CNG price is in a competitive level compares to other fossil fuels. This makes CNG as an alternative fuel that attracts customer’s attention. In its delivery process, PT. CNG only use the best tools with the highest standard.

Furthermore, the mother daughter online concept makes CNG easy to be obtained by customers located far away from gas pipelines main lane. This concept also guarantees that the gas pressure will be stable and reliable to use in the customers location. Despite of its 250 bar high pressure, CNG is safe to use.

CNG generates an efficient and clean burning, saves machine maintenance cost and environmentally friendly.

PT. Citra Nusantara Gemilang - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Indonesia Integrity Integritas
PT. Citra Nusantara Gemilang - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Indonesia Integrity Integritas

What Customer Say

Our achievement doesn’t allure us to stagnancy. Instead, we are continuously extending our capacity to advance in technology, services and product quality to bring satisfaction to our precious customers.

To maintain and improve our technology application, product quality and services, we run a set of assessments periodically. With this, we’re able to operate efficiently and deliver our products at a very competitive price to our customers.

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