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In this industry, technology application has become a commodity to put us ahead. Technology gives more values to our products and services so we can bring the best to our customers.

The Working Process of Our Product

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is in gas form (not liquid) and compressed in a high-pressure tank. The working process of CNG goes as follow:

Technology Teknologi

CNG Compressing System (Mother Station / Online Station)

CNG is stored in the compression stations that are directly connected with the gas pipelines. Here, the gas is compressed to the required pressure to advance fueling process. These fueling stations could be placed alongside petrol and diesel pumps, too. The whole process requires proper infrastructure and transportation.

At the customer’s site or gas filling station, CNG is dispensed through a regulator to reduce its pressure down to a desirable working pressure that is suitable for the customers.

  • After going through a drying process, the natural gas is compressed by using a high-performance CNG compressor.
  • The inlet pressure is ranging between 8 – 14 Barg and the gas is compressed to 250 Barg(withpressure average of 250 Bars).
  • The compressed gas from the compressor is well distributed both to CNG mobile cylinders and customer’s vehicles through BBG dispenser.
  • The cylinder trucks carry the CNG to other retail outles before it goes to the fuel stations that are not connected by pipelines.
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